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Prayer Guides Course: a Training Programme in Prayer

Course Details

The course will include the following: experiential sessions in which aspects of Carmelite prayer will be explored, biblical ways of prayer, reflections on the experience of prayer, listening skills and relationship dynamics, basic skills for leading prayer sessions, models of prayer, difficulties in prayer and aids to prayer.

Course Requirements

One does not need to be a Carmelite or even know much of Carmelite spirituality to be part of the programme. All that is necessary is a commitment to one’s prayer life and a heartfelt desire to draw from the rich tradition of Carmelite spirituality in deepening one’s prayer experience and in accompanying others who turn to them for support on their spiritual journey.

Prayer Guides Programme Overview

A sample of the themes for the first term of the course, the Autumn Term:

  • Introduction to the Ministry of Prayer – Fundamentals and Principles
  • Responsibilities in Facilitating Prayer
  • Skills in Prayer Ministry
  • Resourcing and Developing Prayer Practice – Building a Portfolio
  • Traditions and Forms of Christian Prayer
  • Introduction to Prayer in the Carmelite Tradition
  • Standing before the Face of God – The Heritage of Elijah
  • Aids in Prayer Practice – Spiritual Models
  • Introduction to the Spirituality of St Teresa
  • Prayer and the Way of Transformation
  • The Be-Attitudes of Prayer – The Gospel Foundations
  • Aids in Prayer Practice – Spiritual Journaling: Gateway to the Self
  • Overview of St Teresa’s Four Stages of Prayer
  • The Heart of St Teresian Prayer – Friendship with God
  • “Techniques in Prayer” – Avoiding Pitfalls
  • Aids in Prayer Practice – Spiritual Reading: Nourishment for the Spirit

What is Asked of You

Throughout the year, students will be asked to:

  • Prepare a Short Reflection Paper Each Month
  • Keep a Journal
  • Keep a Portfolio

Additional Details

The Centre for Applied Carmelite Spirituality has an excellent library and bookshop, which are available to the participants on the programme. Throughout the year participants will work in small groups where they will share and discuss various topics and the experience of prayer in the Carmelite tradition. They will be encouraged to organise and lead Morning Prayer.

2018-19 Prayer Guide Programme Dates and Details

The course runs on Saturdays (mostly first and third of the month (unless marked with an asterisk) during term time, 10 am – 4 pm, and also includes the Weekend of individually Guided Prayer (dates to be arranged with each participant).

Autumn Term 2018

  • Saturday 1st September
  • Saturday 15th September
  • Saturday 6th October
  • Saturday 20th October
  • Saturday 3rd November
  • Saturday 17th November
  • Saturday 1 December
  • *Friday 21st December – Saturday 22nd December

Spring Term 2019

  • Saturday 5th January
  • Saturday 19th January
  • Saturday 2nd February
  • Saturday 16th February
  • Saturday 2nd March
  • Saturday 16th March
  • Saturday 6th April
  • *Friday 12th April – Saturday 13th April (2nd Saturday)

Summer Term 2019

  • Saturday 4th May
  • Saturday 18th May
  • Saturday 1st June
  • Saturday 15th June
  • *Friday 28th June – Saturday 29th June (Weekend of Graduation)

Course Price

£800  (Payments can be made in installments and a bursary is available for this course. Click here for details) To download an application form please click here